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        Download You Free 30-day Trial

        Try out Excel Server at no cost... with no commitment. Your free trial ends in 30 days, if you want to try it for an extended period of time after that, please contact us to ask for a trial license.

        Installation Guide


        Choose the product which is most suitable for you

        Features ExcelServer 2010 Standard ExcelServer 2010 Enterprise ExcelServer 2010 Ultimate ExcelServer 2013 ExcelServer 2015
        Integrate Excel and database
        Form template, Super-Formula, Workflow
        Build Excel-based Information system
        x x x x x
        End-user can operator via browser as well as in Excel   x x x x
        Net work file system     x x x

        Document management
        version control

              x x
        App on mobile device (for Android)         x
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