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        About Us

        We are...

        Beijing CESoft Corp., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a fast growing software company headed in Beijing China.

        We make...

        Smart, easy to use software and tools for customers who want to be owner of their information system. Our product ExelServer enable our customers to build management information system on demand, without have to learning programming.

        We make it for...

        Customers who are familiar with Excel and know what they want. Just draw the forms, sheets, reports of your business in Excel workbook, give meaning to cells, then the system will run. Workflow and business rules are defined in drag and drop way, as natural as thinking and talking.

        We do it baceuse...

        Every business is unique, and the world is always changing, it is hard to find one software which can satisfy every current or future demand of business. Why not DIY if a easy-to-use tool is available.

        Our customers are...

        More than 6000 customers from China mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.